Tom Alan Binder

Who is Tom Alan Binder?

Tom Alan Binder is a Retail and Wholesale Fine Art Publisher/Dealer helping Private Collectors, Galleries, and Art Distributors since 1986.

What is Tom Binder Fine Arts?

Founded in 1986, Tom Binder Fine Arts takes pride in its role as both a dealer and a publisher. As a dealer, we specialize in the secondary art market, and as a publisher, we maintain a growing roster of contemporary artists. Since our inception in 1986, Tom Binder Fine Arts has been a prominent influence in the Southern California art scene. As pioneering art dealers, we consistently lead the way in the fine arts industry, focusing on licensing opportunities, private art transactions, and fine art publishing.

Our Expertise

License and Liberate:
Our extensive image library houses a treasure trove of artistic expressions that we deftly coordinate into licensing opportunities. This empowers our licensees to bring art into various realms, from commercial spaces to everyday lives.

Champion of Creativity:
As both a private art dealer and fine art publisher, we play a pivotal role in nurturing the creative spirit. We thrive in the secondary art market, offering a diverse range of pieces that inspire and intrigue. Our portfolio boasts a burgeoning collection of contemporary artists, each contributing their unique voice to the tapestry of art.

Global Connections:
Our influence extends beyond regional borders. We foster relationships with national and international art wholesalers, nurturing a network that transcends geographical confines. From wholesale transactions to private collector acquisitions, our reach knows no bounds.

Unveiling the Artists

Delve into the world of artistic brilliance as you explore works by renowned artists like Alexander Chen, Ken Shotwell, and Elaine Binder. Their creations grace our collection, making them accessible to you. With affordable versions of their masterpieces, you can now own a piece of their creative vision.

Our Commitment

As an embodiment of artistic passion and innovation, Tom Binder Fine Arts / Alexander’s World is committed to enriching lives through the medium of fine art. Our journey began in 1986, and since then, we've remained dedicated to curating captivating collections, fostering creativity, and building bridges across the art world.

Join Us in Celebrating Art!

Company Snapshot

Industry: Fine Art
Company Size: 2-10 employees
Headquarters: Santa Monica, CA
Founded: 1986
Specialties: Fine arts, art prints, licensing, graphics, art, originals, limited editions, open editions, Alexander Chen, Ken Shotwell, and Elaine Binder


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