About DVinchi

What is DVinchi?

DVinchi is thrilled to announce the launch of a new website, www.dvinchi.com. The website creates a truly easy-to-use platform for artists to sell, track and transfer their work online.

The site features a unique hi-res, full widescreen browser viewing experience that displays images of artwork larger than any current art website. By requiring a high-resolution scan of the artwork, DVinchi ensures the viewer/collector complete visibility of every artistic detail. A special algorithm crops and stretches the painting to fit the viewer’s screen up to 110" and more.

DVinchi.com provides shareable links to an entire store of the artist's works as well as smaller collections of images. Posting artwork is free. DVinchi shares 10% of all sales (Stripe payment 3%). This gives artists a zero commitment entry into selling work online.

The website utilizes one of the industry leaders, Stripe, to securely process payments. This allows artists to collect payments from their customers using all major credit cards. The funds can be deposited directly into their bank accounts, providing the artist a direct connection to their clients

Through a partnership with The Fine Art Ledger (www.thefineartledger.com), DVinchi enables artists, collectors, galleries, and others to create Blockchain authenticated Certificates of Authenticity, digitally manage and track their art, and mint NFTs for their artwork, whether digital or physical. This partnership provides artists, galleries, collectors, and all others interested in art a bridge to the ever-growing new world of blockchain technology and NFTs


For questions please email us at info@dvinchi.com or call 800-501-3930.