Tips for Buying Art at Auctions

Tips for Buying Art at Auctions

If you are an aspiring or new art collector, art auctions can give you an excellent point of entry into a semi-exclusive community. One thing to remember is that those auction salerooms are open to the public. With the existence of digital auction platforms today, bidding online becomes easier.

Buying art at auction offers a range of benefits to collectors. It is easier to find information through digital catalogues and other resources online. You can find the details about provenance, condition, price, and exhibition history. If you're planning to buy art online, it is critical to gather all the information you can find. Experts share their knowledge on how to buy art through auctions.

  • Know the art work you are buying
  • Make sure to read the fine print and ask for additional info when needed
  • Act naturally
  • Follow auction etiquette
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