Tom Alan Binder celebrating the 40th Year as an Art Dealer!

Tom Alan Binder celebrating the 40th Year as an Art Dealer!

4 Decades in Business
Dear TBFA Family,

We are thrilled to announce a milestone that deserves to be celebrated – Tom Alan Binder's 40th year as an Art Dealer.

Tom's journey in the world of art began in 1984 when he started as an art dealer with Art a la Carte. In just two years, he founded his own art business, marking the inception of a remarkable career.

In 1989, he started publishing artwork by renowned artists, and in the same year, he opened his first art gallery. His dedication to promoting creativity and artistic talent has been unwavering.

Today, Tom Binder Fine Arts is one of the best Fine Art Dealer and Publisher located in Southern California. Specializing in coordinating licensing opportunities, they have a vast library of images and artists that continue to inspire.

Tom's journey is one marked by diversity. Growing up with his mother painting originals, he developed a deep connection to art. He has collaborated with galleries in Japan and around the world, expanding his influence globally.

In 1994, he began a significant partnership with artists Alexander Chen and Ken Shotwell, further elevating his status as a prominent figure in the art world.

Tom Binder Fine Arts is known for pioneering Giclees in 1992 and Mixed Media Seriolithographs in 1994. Their specialties include acrylics, mixed media/stereolithography, and paper graphics.

With multiple galleries in Main Street Santa Monica, Venice California, and Marina Del Rey, Tom's portfolio has captivated both celebrity and high-net-worth clients.

In 2021, Tom Binder co-founded a new project name DVINCHI, designed to empower artists with a user-friendly platform for selling, tracking, and transferring their artwork online. The site offers a unique, high-resolution, widescreen browsing experience that showcases artwork images larger than most art websites, ensuring viewers see every artistic detail with a requirement for high-resolution scans.

Tom Binder Fine Arts continues to thrive, bridging the gap between the art world and collectors. They offer affordable versions of some of their best-selling and recognized artists' works, including Alexander Chen, Ken Shotwell, Elaine Binder, Su Liao and more!

Celebrating his 40th year as an art dealer, Tom Alan Binder's dedication and passion for art have left an indelible mark on the industry. His journey from a budding art dealer in the '80s to a prominent figure today is a testament to his love for art and his commitment to promoting creativity.

Join us in celebrating this incredible milestone and explore the world of art with Tom Alan Binder Fine Arts /

The Tom Binder Fine Arts Team

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