Mastering the Art of Painting by Alexander Chen

Mastering the Art of Painting by Alexander Chen

Setting the Stage: The Initial Brushstrokes
Art is not just a pursuit but a journey. A journey that begins with the vast, empty sky — the first actor on our canvas stage. The sky sets the tone, its hues, and clouds laying down the mood for what's to come. This is not just painting; it's orchestrating feelings. Then, mountains in the distance are added, their colors and shapes setting the narrative for the entire piece.

Overcoming Challenges: The Art of Perseverance
Art is a test of patience and persistence. Even with the most meticulous planning, sometimes the vision on the canvas doesn't match the one in our mind. When this happens, the only way forward is to cover and repaint, embrace the challenge, and see it as an opportunity for improvement. It's a dance of adding and subtracting, of revealing and concealing, until the image resonates with the soul of its creator.

Attention to Detail: Breathing Life into Art
As the foundation settles, it's time to breathe life into the painting. This is where the houses, the people, and their activities come into play. These elements are not just details; they are stories, each stroke a word, each color a tone of voice. For me, one particular painting stands out — a testament to resilience and dedication. It was painted, covered, and repainted, an endless cycle until the final image emerged, telling its unique story.

The Scale of Commitment: From Days to Months
The size of the canvas dictates the journey's length. Large paintings, like a vast ocean, take months to navigate. They require a dedication akin to an odyssey, each day a step towards the distant shore of completion. Smaller paintings, while seemingly less daunting, demand an equal amount of love and precision, often taking weeks to reach the desired perfection.

Capturing the Ephemeral: The Challenge of Skies and Fireworks
Some subjects are more challenging than others. The sky, a constant overhead tapestry, changes its colors and mood, making it a formidable subject to capture. Fireworks, with their fleeting beauty, are even more elusive. They require a dance of colors and light, a background laid first to set the stage for their brief but brilliant appearance. It's a battle of control and spontaneity, each burst of color a victory against the canvas's vast emptiness.
Fireworks, Manhattan, celebrationAlexander Chen - Manhattan Celebration

The Journey of a Lifetime: From Childhood to Mastery
My journey into the world of art began early. At four, I picked up the brush; by ten, I was exploring the world. Each step, each mile traveled, and each face encountered added a layer to my understanding of the world and how to capture it on canvas. The countryside of China, the waves of the South China Sea, the rugged beauty of the Alaskan wilderness — each experience enriched my palette and broadened my horizon.

From Observation to Creation: The Role of Photography
Photography plays a pivotal role in my artistic process. Capturing thousands of images from every possible angle, I record the ephemeral moments of life and nature. These photographs are more than references; they are the emotional and visual reservoirs from which I draw inspiration, transforming a fleeting moment into an eternal piece of art.
eiffel towerAlexander Chen - Eiffel Tower

Understanding Life Through Art: The Rural Sojourn
Spending years in the countryside, living the life of a farmer, offered me insights no book or urban experience could. This period of life was more than an interlude; it was an immersion into the very fabric of existence. The fields, the farmers, the cycle of seasons — each aspect taught me about the rhythms of nature and life, lessons that I translate onto my canvas, one stroke at a time.

Conclusion: The Endless Pursuit of Perfection
The life of an artist is an eternal pursuit of perfection, an endless journey through experiences, emotions, and expressions. Each canvas is a new adventure, a new challenge, and a new opportunity to capture the essence of the world in colors and shapes. The journey never ends; each painting is a milestone, each brushstroke a step forward in this endless, beautiful quest.



1. What is the first step in starting a painting?
- The first step often involves painting the background, such as the sky, which sets the tone and mood for the entire piece.

2. How does the size of the painting affect the creation process?
- The size significantly affects the duration and focus required; larger canvases demand months of work, while smaller pieces require intense attention over a shorter period.

3. What challenges are involved in painting skies and fireworks?
- Capturing the ever-changing sky and the fleeting beauty of fireworks requires a balance of control and spontaneity, making them some of the more challenging subjects.

4. How has the artist's journey influenced their work?
- Travels, experiences, and life as a farmer have deeply influenced the artist's understanding of the world, enriching their art with layers of meaning and emotion.

5. Why is photography important to the artist's process?
- Photography captures transient moments and scenes, serving as a vital reference and inspiration source, transforming fleeting reality into enduring art.

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